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Mobile Sales Tools

Agricultural products and services are technical sales. Detailed, often complex and usually very user specific. Laptops often prove to be unwieldy, but tablet devices are starting to revolutionise the way sales teams can work. Brilliant presenations, on the spot customised calcuations, streamlined order taking, technical document libraries and much more. All making a sales team far more effective and efficient.

Hot Mustard was one of the first authorised Apple iPad and iPhone application developers in NZ, meaning we've able to pioneer local development of mobile sales tools. We combined our understanding of the agriculture sector and experience of sales and digital marketing with our digital development expertise to develop iPad and iPhone apps along with apps for Android, Blackberry and WM; designed to power up the effectiveness of sales teams.

We've created productivity enhancing applications in the following areas;

Digital publishing - turning static content from print assets (such as sales presentations and product brochures, specification guides, installation and training manuals) into easily accessed, interactive publications with hyperlinks, video, print and email functionality.

Modelling - taking spreadsheet based modelling tools and creating professional, easy to use tablet applications that allow on-the-spot customised calculation and recommendations.

Sales automation - making it simple to enter data in the field (quite literally in some cases) and create product recommendations based on customer-driven input and automating the subsequent order taking and stock management.

Documentation and signoff management - create documentation on the fly and collect signatures on the spot.

Market Research and Surveys - making it easy to collect customer feedback and market research in the field with easy-to-use surveys.

Mobile Strategy First - using mobile applications effectively requires an understanding of your business needs and the best way to meet these with this new technology. The Hot Mustard team is one of the most experienced in New Zealand when it comes to identifying opportunities to use mobile apps to improve results.

App Design and Development - designing for mobile apps is a specialist area requiring an understanding of what makes these devices unique and what feature-sets are available. Apps should feel like they were designed specifically for the particular function and should be intuitively usable.

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