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Promax Express - A brand is born

Being known as one of New Zealand's top-quality brands when it comes to water tanks, managing brand share is a challenge and avoiding cannabilsation when you want to launch a new, entry-level range of water tanks.

"Our customers were asking for a 'Promax made' smooth wall tank like our competitors and our resellers could see the advantage of selling both types from the one supplier," says Walter Strachan, Managing Director, Promax Plastics.

Enter Hot Mustard's Creative Director, Jay Houghton and Account Director, Shannon Vincent.

"We needed to develop a logical system of organising and naming the new water tanks that made it easy to understand the offering and the underlying values of the product," says Vincent. "All this while also clearly differentiating it from the existing premium products to preserve the Promax brand."

Strachan adds, "We were looking for a brand that would add value to Promax, be distinctive but a natural inclusion in the Promax stable. A big concern was how to secure in the minds of resellers and end users that even though the new range is supplied at a lower cost, the product is of no lesser quality."

Houghton felt that it was important to create a new brand for the products that, while it sat comfortably alongside the original Promax brand, had its own value proposition, promise and visual identity. This would keep things flexible, allowing it to be marketed either together with or separate from the Promax brand and for new products to be added in the future.

Houghton and Vincent identified two distinct audiences for the new brand:

  • Merchants and dealers whose primary focus is on making a sale.
  • Entry level buyers who are very price focused and will forego extra features in the interests of a good price.

With these target markets in mind brand values for the new range were established as being good quality, highly accessible and excellent value. The brand positioning statement was a natural progression for Houghton: "Affordable quality"

The Hot Mustard team produced the new name, XPRESS, a logo and total visual identity that referenced the traditional Promax colours of bright red, white and dark grey. The brand development work was done. Vincent took over the project at this stage, orchestrating the launch of the new brand with a marketing programme that included a flyer, website updates and press advertising with Farmers Weekly, Lifestyle Block, Straight Furrow, Rural News and Farming Lifestyle, both print and online. Merchants were reached through a targeted direct mail piece supported by sales visits from the regular Promax sales team.

Strachan, who describes Hot Mustard as "professional and responsive", says that although the patterns are just emerging what's becoming apparent is that when the Promax sales team are able to speak directly to end users more than half of these sales become Promax tanks through up-selling to quality. The challenge will remain ensuring the dealers and resellers position the Promax options correctly.

Visit the Promax Plastics website here www.promaxplastics.co.nz