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  It's what we do...

Working with companies who sell products or services to New Zealand farmers; well it's what we do.
There's very few agricultural products that we haven't help to market. From photography on-farm, to building websites and mobile apps designed to attract, educate and motivate farmers, we do it every day. It's not a sideline to our business; its something we have done for since the late 1990's.

It's who we are...

Home Intro Image 1Hot Mustard Rural is a fully integrated advertising agency specialising in agri-marketing. We've worked with a wide range of agricultural clients and our campaigns deliver proven results time and time again.

Our experience in every medium enables you to reach your target audience via TV, radio, print, direct marketing, event management, sales promotion, web, mobile apps, social media or email marketing. Take a look at our work to find out why we are the best at what we do.

Marketing to Farmers

Marketing to farmers is a specialist skill, requiring an understanding of the often quite technical information and the particular needs of the farming sector. Farmers are engaged in all the main media channels but in a very particular way. Click here to find out more about Marketing to Farmers.

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10 Ways We Can Grow Your Business

At Hot Mustard we have the skills, expertise and specialist tools to help your business reach its full potential. But more than that, we have the experience of working with the Agriculture sector for many years, building businesses who do business with farmers. Find out more...

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